Officials Hope Westminster, Colorado Traffic Signal Reduces Accident Rates

A new traffic signal will soon be installed on 112th Street in Westminster in front of the entrances to Front Range Community College. Officials hope that the signal will reduce the number of accidents that take place in the vicinity of the community college each year.

Officials Hope Westminster, Colorado Traffic Signal Reduces Accident RatesStudies have shown that 17 traffic accidents have taken place in front of the community college in the past three years, a higher rate than average for the Westminster area. All of the accidents involved a driver attempting to turn onto 112th Street from the college’s driveway and getting hit by oncoming traffic. Most of the vehicles that were hit in the accidents were trying to turn left at the time, according to researchers.

Installing the traffic signal is a joint project involving the Westminster City Council, Front Range Community College, and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The signal is being funded through a grant from the Department of Transportation and matching funds from the community college. Officials plan to begin installation in September 2013 and finish by November 2013.

Intersections see a higher rate of traffic accidents than almost other type of roadway area, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Multiple vehicles approaching from various directions, drivers deciding whether to turn or go straight, and visual obstacles can all make navigating intersections more difficult than other types of driving. When an intersection doesn’t have adequate signals or signs, serious crashes can result.

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