Motorcycles and Summer Riding were Meant to go Together

From Rocky Mountain National Park to the Comanche National Grassland, Colorado’s natural beauty is unparalleled. As the temperatures rise, motorcyclists flock to Colorado to ride through the scenery on the many roads that traverse our state. Enjoying the highway on a motorcycle comes with risks, however. According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,668 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2013 alone. Additionally, 88,000 people were injured in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycles and Summer Riding were Meant to go TogetherOur team at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. understands that passenger vehicles and motorcycles need to share the road safely so that everyone can enjoy Colorado’s beauty. That being said, the freedom of riding a motorcycle also comes with less protection than a car. Even with a helmet, motorcyclists involved in accidents are more susceptible to injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, road rash, broken bones and other serious conditions. Just because you have less protection on a motorcycle does not mean that you have fewer rights! If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to make sure that you have an experienced attorney on your team.

Led by Timothy R. Bussey, a 2015 Super Lawyer, our attorneys at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. understand the complex issues involved in a traffic accident, particularly a motorcycle accident. Whether your case involves faulty products or protections, problems due to a faulty roadway or the negligence of another driver, we here at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. strive to make sure that those responsible for motorcycle accidents are held responsible.  By diligently investigating and pursuing your claim, The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. will fight to ensure that you are made whole by receiving compensation for injuries, lost wages, lost property, and other damages.

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