Kids or Elderly Adults Traveling Alone? Here’s How to Keep Them Safe

Summer is on its way, and with it come plenty of opportunities to travel to visit family, go on vacation, or to tackle other tasks. Many travelers through Colorado and the U.S. each year are children and elderly adults, both of whom may face particular risks when traveling alone.

Kids or Elderly Adults Traveling Alone? Here’s How to Keep Them SafeChildren and elderly adults may need to travel alone for several reasons – to visit family, for medical reasons, or for other purposes.  If your child or an elderly family member must travel alone by plane, train, or bus this year, consider the following safety tips:

  • Plan ahead.  Make sure the traveler has all medical information, medications, and equipment he or she needs, especially if the traveler is disabled. Check with the plane, train, or bus company if the person traveling will need help with mobility, like a wheelchair. You can also contact the TSA to learn how best to handle medications, equipment, and medical conditions when going through security checkpoints at airports.
  • Go to the gate.  Family members of children and elderly individuals are generally allowed to accompany that person to the gate in most airports, train stations, and bus terminals. You will need to show ID and go through security, just as if you were also traveling.
  • Have someone waiting at both ends.  In addition to accompanying a traveling loved one to the gate, plan for someone to be waiting to pick the person up at the station or airport on the other end. Busy terminals can be baffling even to experienced travelers trying to navigate them alone; for children or elderly individuals, they can simply be overwhelming.

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