In Excessive Colorado Heat, Keep a Close Eye on the Kids

Any excessive heat source can cause injuries. Hot working environments, heat from fires or other heating sources, and especially the hot summer sun can all create a risk of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, burns, and other heat-related injuries and illnesses. Although any person or pet can be hurt by the heat, children are at a special risk for heat harm.

In Excessive Colorado Heat, Keep a Close Eye on the KidsKids’ developing bodies are still working on effective ways to manage internal temperature. When heat rises, a child’s body may not be able to cool itself as effectively as an adult’s body can. Children also have a much higher ratio of body surface to mass and are generally smaller, meaning their bodies absorb heat more effectively.

To help protect your kids from heat-related injuries this summer, consider the following tips:

  • Never leave a child alone in a hot car.
  • Loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing can help prevent heat rash. For kids who will be around campfires or fireworks, choose natural fibers only. In case clothes catch fire, natural fibers will burn, but they will not melt into the skin the way synthetics will.
  • Encourage frequent water breaks, even when swimming.
  • Watch for symptoms of heat exhaustion or heatstroke, and call 9-1-1 for any emergencies.

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