Getting the Most Out of Your Accident Claim

After an accident caused by a negligent driver, you may find yourself in the position of having to file a claim. While the insurance adjuster assigned to work on your case will try to make the claims process sound easy, the truth is that the insurance company will be doing everything they can to give you as little in compensation as possible. Following these steps, however, can help you get as high a settlement as possible.


Avoid Social Media

Getting the Most Out of Your Accident ClaimIt is common practice to share important aspects of our lives on social media. However, posting anything following your accident could land you in hot water when it comes to your personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters will be looking for anything they can use against you. Even an innocent picture of you enjoying time with your friends at a new restaurant could be used to refute that your auto accident resulted in serious injuries or emotional trauma. Even if you think there is no possible way for a post to be used against you during your claim, you should still avoid posting it. An insurance adjuster cares the most about tearing down your claim, and so will do whatever they can to twist your posts against you.

Never Speak to an Insurance Adjuster Alone

Following an accident, an insurance adjuster will likely call you to discuss potential compensation. During this conversation, they will do everything they can to set up a verbal trap in order to get you to admit fault. Even just apologizing for the accident could be used as an admittance of guilt, leading to your claim being dismissed.

The best thing you can do is inform the insurance adjuster that you will only have a conversation with them once your attorney is involved. Your attorney can then take charge of negotiations and ensure that you recover as much in compensation as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney will know what topics of conversation to avoid and what areas to put under pressure.

Hang on to Your Bills

Every bill you receive that relates to your accident, such as medical costs and property damage, should be safely secured away. These bills will play a major role in getting you the compensation you need. They allow you to calculate a base amount that you are owed, which can be added on later. If the insurance company offers you less than this base amount, it means that they aren’t paying you all that you are owed. But with proper documentation, it will become difficult for the insurance adjuster to negotiate out of paying you the base calculation, as the evidence is crystal clear.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

After suffering a major injury, you will need to seek medical assistance in order to recover. Your doctor will give you very specific instructions about what you can and can’t do, what medication you need to take, and what follow-up appointments you need to go to in order to help you heal from a catastrophic injury. These instructions will likely impede on your life and may make it impossible to do your favorite hobbies and activities.

While it may be tempting to go against your doctor’s orders, especially once you start to feel better, but doing so can jeopardize your compensation. If the insurance adjuster is aware that you are not doing as your doctor says, then they may use that as evidence that you are not actually injured. That would mean the insurance company is no longer responsible for paying your medical bills, which can make a huge dent in the amount you receive in compensation.

Speak with an Experienced Attorney

Finally, the best way to make sure you get as much as possible in compensation is to work with a skilled and season law firm that can fight for you and your case. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys can investigate the circumstances around your case, go head to head with the insurance adjuster, and offer support to you during such a difficult time in your life. We have long provided top-notch legal aid to our clients, and we want to provide you with that same help. If we sound like the right firm for you, then call us (719) 475-2555.