Garbage Trucks: More Dangerous Than You Think

A city needs garbage trucks in order to run properly. Without them, garbage would pile up, and there would be serious hygiene and health problems in Colorado. However, just because garbage trucks are necessary doesn’t mean they are safe. In fact, garbage trucks are incredibly dangerous to those near them.


Residential Streets

Garbage Trucks More Dangerous Than You ThinkMost large trucks keep to highways, only driving on residential roads when it’s time to drop off cargo. However, garbage trucks operate almost exclusively on residential roadways. This means that a garbage truck will spend most of its time driving around pedestrians, who have very little protection during auto collisions. This means that if a garbage truck were to hit someone crossing the street, the pedestrian would be severely injured, if not killed.

Large Blind Spots

Semi-trucks have large blind spots as a result of the long and tall trailers that they haul. While garbage trucks are a bit smaller than semis, they too have very large blind spots. This can be a particular issue when it comes to residential streets. Pedestrians make very little sound, unlike cars, and are much harder to spot than vehicles. If the driver or workers on the garbage truck fail to check the truck’s perimeters before backing up, turning, or driving forward, a pedestrian could easily get lost in a blind spot and be struck by the garbage truck.

High Center of Gravity

Garbage trucks require large containers in order to carry the trash and/or recyclables produced by a residential street. This means these trucks have a high center of gravity, making them top-heavy. This makes it much easier for these trucks to roll over. If the driver takes a turn too quickly, it can cause the truck to shift onto its side and fall over. If any pedestrians or vehicles are nearby during such an accident, they could easily be crushed by the truck, or by the garbage that will come spilling out.

Large Loads

Adding to the risk of a rollover is the large load that all garbage trucks carry. A city like Colorado Springs produces a lot of garbage, and all of it must be carried away for the sake of a neighborhood’s health and hygiene. This means that the garbage truck could be carrying hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of trash. If this trash shifts too much while being transported, such as during a turn, it can cause the truck to flip over. On the other hand, if the garbage is not probably restrained in the truck, it could spill out, potentially causing damage to the street, and injuring any nearby pedestrians or drivers.

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