For Safer Bicycling, Know Your ABCs

Bicycling safely means making yourself visible, always wearing your helmet, and knowing your route before you leave.  But it also means making sure that your bicycle is in good condition and ready to go.  Looking over your bicycle before you ride takes only a few minutes, and it can save you from a serious accident or injury.

For Safer Bicycling, Know Your ABCsTo double-check your bicycle efficiently and thoroughly, keep in mind the “ABC Quick Check” tips from the League of American Bicyclists:

  • Air:  First, check your tires for damage.  Note the recommended air pressure listed on the side of the tire.  Check your air pressure in both tires, and inflate them to the listed pressure if they are low.
  • Brakes:  Check your brake pads for wear and positioning.  Pads should have at least one-quarter inch of padding left, and they should not rub the tire when they are fully open.  Squeeze the brake handle and make sure there is still distance between the handle and handlebar when the brake handle is fully engaged.
  • Cranks and Chain:  Make sure no dirt, rust, or debris is clogging your chain.  If the cranks are loose, tighten the bolt.
  • Quick Releases:  Make sure the quick releases are closed and point toward the back of the bike.
  • Check it Over: Ride once around your driveway or parking lot to make sure the bicycle “feels” right and is working correctly before you head out.

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