Education is Key in Colorado Pool Safety

For many Colorado families, summer means hanging out by the pool or relaxing in the hot tub.  While poolside fun can mean great family memories, it can also cause serious injuries if an accident occurs or swimmers are not properly supervised.

Education is Key in Colorado Pool SafetyAccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 75 percent of those injured in pool and hot tub accidents each year are children age 15 or younger.  Educate kids about the risks of swimming pools and hot tubs, and teach them how to protect themselves and others in order to preventing injuries.

When teaching kids about pool safety, it’s important to cover both the pool rules and the practical skills they need to protect themselves and others when swimming.  Teach young children to never approach the pool without supervision and to never go in the water unless a responsible adult is watching them.  Also, remind them to stay in shallow water unless they have the swimming skills to handle deeper water.

Swimming skills are key to protecting oneself in the water, especially for children. In addition to learning to swim, older children can learn basic first aid and CPR skills that may help save a life after an accident or other mishap while swimming or boating.

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