Colorado Springs Car Crash Proves Fatal

A driver was killed in a single-vehicle crash in Colorado Springs  near Gallery Road and Powers Boulevard. Officials say the driver was the only person in the car when it struck a utility box, knocking out power in the area. Police investigating the scene believe the driver may have been drinking.

Colorado Springs Car Crash Proves FatalIt is quite common for drunk drivers to not only hurt themselves, but also cause serious or fatal injuries to others. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, of the 434 fatal crashes that occurred statewide in the year 2012, 43 resulted in DUI charges. Even though alcohol only contributed to 5 percent of all Colorado accidents that year, drunk driving was a contributing factor in 12.5 percent of all injury accidents and 9.9 percent of all fatal crashes.

If you plan to be at a celebration or consume alcohol, it is best to plan ahead. It is advisable to use a designated driver, to call a cab, or to use a ride-sharing program. Even small amounts of alcohol can delay your reaction time and impair your judgment. Drivers who have consumed a couple of drinks earlier in the day are more likely to speed, fall asleep, make reckless choices, swerve into oncoming traffic, and cause serious or fatal injuries.

It is also important to remember that the causes of fatal single-vehicle crashes are often difficult to determine. A full investigation must take place to determine how fast the vehicle was traveling and if another vehicle may have been involved before leaving the scene. The families of fatally injured victims deserve to know what happened and who was responsible.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal Colorado Springs car accident, it may be in your best interest to explore your legal options.

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