Colorado Car Accident Deaths Impose Hefty Costs

When a car accident kills a loved one, a family’s world is turned upside-down in an instant. Grieving and healing require time and energy, and it can seem like there is no room in your life for anything else. Unfortunately, the financial burdens caused by fatal car accidents are also real and must also be dealt with after a crash.

Colorado Car Accident Deaths Impose Hefty CostsColorado residents lose about $623 million due to deadly car accidents each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About $5 million is spent on medical costs, and about $618 million is lost when an injured or deceased person can no longer work and earn wages or other income.

The number for lost wages is so high, according to the CDC, because car accident deaths are more likely to affect younger people, who have many decades of potential earning power ahead of them. The CDC estimates the money these workers would have lost by comparing them to workers with similar career trajectories and counting both wages and benefits, like health insurance and retirement accounts. However, whenever a person of any age or earning power dies in a car accident, the family is all too often left to foot substantial bills in addition to dealing with their own grief.

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