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Bike Riding Safety Checklist

By Timothy Bussey on September 17, 2019

Bicycle season is here, and wipeouts are all but inevitable. As reported by People Powered Movement (PPM), there were 45,000 bicycle accidents reported in the U.S. in a recent year. Biking is an eco-friendly, healthy form of transportation that is becoming increasingly popular among active, health-minded people. Unfortunately, the more bike trips you take, the higher your risk for a crash. Read the rest »

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Prepare for Bicycle Season and Avoid Catastrophic Injuries

By Timothy Bussey on June 1, 2018

Summer is upon us. With it comes the opportunity for outdoor activities such as bicycling. Unfortunately, every summer sees a spike in the number of accidents and severe injuries on Colorado roadways involving cyclists.

No one likes contemplating worst-case scenarios, but do yourself and your family a favor and take a little extra time to think about bicycle safety before heading out this year. It’s always preferable to prevent accidents before they happen instead of dealing with their aftermath. Read the rest »

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Common Causes of Colorado Springs Intersection Bike Accidents

By Timothy Bussey on June 22, 2016

Bikes and cars frequently meet at intersections and it is a common place for accidents to occur. The most common type of intersection collision happens when the cyclist is required to stop at a stop sign and the motorist does not have a stop sign. What frequently happens is that after stopping, the cyclist then rides out into the intersection in front of the car, when in fact the car has the right-of-way. In this situation the cyclist is as fault. Oftentimes, this type of accident occurs with cyclists under 15 years of age. Read the rest »

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Broken Bone Injuries Commonly Suffered in Colorado Springs Bike Accidents

By Timothy Bussey on June 17, 2016

Bicycling is more than just a form of recreation for several people throughout Colorado Springs, it’s also a leading mode of transportation. There are unquestionable benefits to riding a bike. Bicycling is better for the environment, costs very little to maintain, and is a great method of exercise. It’s no wonder than more and more people are taking up bicycling and making it a part of their daily lives. Read the rest »

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Can a Bicycle Helmet Decrease the Risk of Catastrophic Brain Injuries?

By Timothy Bussey on May 4, 2015

Spring is in full swing in Colorado, which means that adults and children alike are heading out onto the roads to enjoy bicycling. Although Colorado does not require bicyclists to wear helmets, choosing a helmet may significantly reduce the risk of a fatal or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) in certain accidents.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine examined 235 case studies of patients admitted to emergency rooms with head injuries following a bicycle crash. It compared these head-injury patients to 433 patients who received emergency room care for other bicycle accident injuries. Read the rest »

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For Safer Bicycling, Know Your ABCs

By Timothy Bussey on March 9, 2015

Colorado Bicycle AccidentBicycling safely means making yourself visible, always wearing your helmet, and knowing your route before you leave.  But it also means making sure that your bicycle is in good condition and ready to go.  Looking over your bicycle before you ride takes only a few minutes, and it can save you from a serious accident or injury.

To double-check your bicycle efficiently and thoroughly, keep in mind the “ABC Quick Check” tips from the League of American Bicyclists:

  • Air:  First, check your tires for damage.  Note the recommended air pressure listed on the side of the tire.  Check your air pressure in both tires, and inflate them to the listed pressure if they are low. Read the rest »

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Avoiding a Rear-End Collision While Bicycling

By Timothy Bussey on June 17, 2013

Bicycling is great exercise, and in the Colorado summer, it can also be a great deal of fun and help save on transportation costs and the environment. However, many types of accidents can befall a bicyclist when drivers are careless or distracted.

While most bicyclists fear rear-end collisions from cars, these types of accidents are rare, comprising only about 3.8 percent of all bicycle crashes. There are also several ways a bicyclist can protect himself or herself from a rear-end collision: Read the rest »

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