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Defending Charges of Assault on a Peace Officer in Colorado Springs

As a law firm specializing in criminal defense cases, we understand that being charged with assault on a peace officer in Colorado is a serious matter. If you or a loved one is currently facing charges of assaulting an officer, it is crucial that you contact an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who can help defend your rights and protect your freedoms.

Assault on a Peace Officer Case Results

  • Assault in the Second-Degree Charge - Dismissed - No Felony Conviction, No Prison

What is Assault on a Peace Officer in Colorado?

Assault on a peace officer is a criminal offense in Colorado that comes with severe legal consequences. This offense is defined as the intentional causing of bodily harm to a peace officer with knowledge or reason to know that the victim is an officer. It also includes incidents where a weapon is used during the assault.

As defined under Colorado law, a peace officer can include a variety of individuals, including police officers, sheriff deputies, state troopers, prison and jail staff, probation officers, and other law enforcement officials. It’s important to note that an assault on a peace officer is a different offense than an assault on a “regular” individual, and the legal penalties for assaulting an officer are much more severe.

Legal Penalties for Assault on a Peace Officer

Assault on a peace officer is taken very seriously in the state of Colorado and can carry sobering penalties for those found guilty of it. The penalty for second-degree assault is usually a class 4 felony, which carries:

  • A maximum sentence of 2 to 6 years in imprisonment
  • A fine of up to $500,000
  • Or both

Penalties for assault on a peace officer tend to be more severe than regular assault charges. This is just one reason why contacting a lawyer early on in your case is imperative to a successful outcome.

Enhanced Penalties for Assault on a Police Officer

Assault against a peace officer in Colorado is considered a more serious offense than assault on any other individual. Under state law, an individual commits the second-degree crime of assault when they intentionally or recklessly cause bodily injury to someone whom they know to be a peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical care provider, or healthcare provider. In such instances, defendants face severe legal consequences, such as longer prison terms and increased fines.

Defenses for Assault on a Peace Officer Charges in Colorado

If you are facing charges of assaulting a peace officer, it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. There are several defense strategies that may be used in an assault on a peace officer cases, such as:

  • Lack of intent
  • Mistaken identity
  • Self-defense
  • Excessive force by the officer

Case Examples of Assault on a Peace Officer Successful Defenses

One example is the case of State vs. Meyers. The defendant was charged with assaulting a security officer, but his attorney argued that the security guard was not performing his official duty at the time of the confrontation. The court sided with Meyers and dismissed the charges.

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