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Facing Lewd Conduct Charges in Colorado Springs?

Lewd conduct is a type of sex crime in Colorado. By law, lewd conduct is any illegal action carried out by an individual that is sexually charged with the intent of stimulating the offender's libido at the victim's expense. Lewd behavior is also referred to by the term "lascivious." This kind of act is observed as a punishable crime under federal law, as well as in each of the fifty states.

Like all other areas of crime and punishment, the ramifications of lewd conduct violations can vary depending on the circumstances, severity of an act, and the territory it is committed in, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.

If the lewd activity is directed towards, or affects, a minor, the punishment is most severe (a felony), involving fines, incarceration, and potentially other correctional measures. Individuals convicted of lascivious acts involving a minor are required by law to register as a sexual offender where they live and work. These registrations are available to the general public, including current and prospective employers, federal agencies, schools, and anyone else who is interested in accessing the data.

If the lascivious acts are in combination with other criminal acts, such as assault, drug use, and other offenses, the penalties can be compounded. Those sentenced for repeated offenses for lewd acts will face exponentially-severe consequences.

Types of Lewd Conduct Offenses

Types of conduct considered lewd and subject to punishment by law often involve but are not limited to:

  • Indecent or obscene exposure: This is the purposeful baring in public sight, or directed toward a specific group or individual, of a part or parts of an individual's body in a manner that is considered indecent by applicable government standards and laws in that area. Indecent or obscene exposure may involve the baring of an offender's genitals, chest, breast, buttocks, and others.
  • Illicit pornographic activity: Pornographic material is the graphic sexual depiction of acts for reasons of titillation. It's found in all forms of media, including magazines, books, sound recordings, films, videos, websites, and games. By itself, pornographic material is usually not illegal, unless it contains depictions of minors or other imagery deemed potentially harmful by a territory's governing laws. However, it can be tied to lewd acts. For example: an offender may show a pornographic image to an unreceptive victim or exploit an unwilling victim by using pornography.
  • Solicitation or involvement with prostitution: Prostitution is the sale of sexual services from one individual to another in exchange for payment. The solicitation of sex acts is illegal.

Colorado Lewd Conduct Laws

In Colorado, lewd conduct laws vary by case circumstances and must be interpreted by an experienced, professional attorney. However, generally, these crimes involve up to 15 years in prison, monetary fines, and the mandatory compliance of the convicted offender with sexual offender registration laws.

Criminal charges implicating illicit lewd acts carry weighty legal ramifications and are prosecuted aggressively in the courtroom. Individuals charged with lewd conduct crimes should gain the console of a Colorado Springs lewd conduct defense attorney with proven experience to ensure the case is properly examined, and the defendant's rights are justly guarded with regard to all the relevant facts and circumstances. For those facing these charges in Colorado, contact the Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers with The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. at (719) 475-2555 for a free case review today.

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