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Defective Product Claims in Colorado

Consumers in Colorado enjoy purchasing products, technology, and toys that make life just a little sweeter. These items can include household appliances to children's toys, as well as baby essentials and sporting goods. Consumers expect that the products we use on a daily basis will be safe and free from any dangerous hazards, but each year a large number of people are injured and harmed as a result of products with serious defects.

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Product liability law governs the liability of any negligent parties responsible for a defective and dangerous product, including manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. The goal of these liability laws is to protect consumers from unsafe products. Experienced Colorado Springs defective product attorney Timothy R. Bussey and the legal team at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. have extensive experience protecting the rights of innocent consumers harmed by defective products and will work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover.

How Does a Product End Up with a Dangerous Defect?

Being harmed by a defective product in Colorado is likely something no one thinks about when purchasing goods at retail locations such as a grocery store, pharmacy, or electronics store; but the unfortunate reality is that an unsafe product can result in serious and life-threatening injuries.

Defective products can include anything from medications to food to mechanical equipment, and there are a several different ways an item can end up with a defect that may mean a Colorado resident has grounds for pursuing legal action.

The following are three potential causes for product liability claims:

  • Manufacturing defects: This is a product defect that results from the manufacturing process and how something was produced.
  • Design defects: This defect occurs from a mistake or oversight in the design of a product which makes it dangerous when used either as intended or for another reasonable purpose.
  • Marketing defect: A marketing defect can involve things like inadequate warning labels or instructions that cause harm to the product's user.

Accountability in a Colorado Springs Product Liability Case

In a Colorado product liability case, there may be more than one party who is responsible for the harmful product defect. Depending on the product flaw, anyone from the manufacturer or marketer may be held accountable for the injuries caused. For example, if an automotive part was made with a defect, the automobile manufacturer can be held legally accountable for any problems that occur as a result. In addition, for a claimant to build a successful case, one of the following must be proven:

  • Negligence: This means the plaintiff was injured as a result of the item defect while using it in a reasonable manner, and that the parties responsible for sale of the product failed to detect the defect during the design, manufacture, or inspection process.
  • Strict liability: Under this standard, a claimant must prove only that the product was defective and the liability is a result of this fact, no matter how much care was applied during the production of the item.
  • Breach of warranty: A plaintiff claims that there was a violation of the product's written warranty and though the defect may not be covered by the warranty, the item is still unfit for the purpose it was made for.

Protecting the Rights of Colorado Consumers

The Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers of The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. understand how dangerous a defective product can be for innocent consumers and know the serious harm that a user may endure as a result of an unsafe product. Proving liability and showing that a product defect was the sole cause of your injuries can be difficult, but Tim Bussey has the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to get the best results possible in your case. For a free case evaluation, please call (719) 475-2555.

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