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Marijuana Leads to More Crashes

By Timothy Bussey on December 30, 2019

Cannabis, like alcohol, has measurable physiological effects that impair critical driving abilities, as reported by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Marijuana affects driving skills in several ways, including:

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Is a Crash on Campus Handled Differently, When It Comes to Filing a Claim?

By Timothy Bussey on October 29, 2019

When someone is injured in a car crash on a college campus, the legal actions the victim takes to recover damages may be slightly different than when a collision occurs on a city street. This problem was raised by a recent case in which a Colorado State University freshman died from injuries after being struck by another student at a campus intersection. Several factors can come into play when an accident takes place on campus, which could affect who is held liable.

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Have a Safer Road Trip This Summer

By Timothy Bussey on June 15, 2019

The state of Colorado has at least ten unforgettable road trip routes available. That’s according to Matador, the world’s self-proclaimed largest independent traveler network, which boasts 12 million monthly online visitors and contributors.

We at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., absolutely agree with them.

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Are Insurance Companies on Your Side?

By Timothy Bussey on May 19, 2019

The fact is, insurance companies do not make money by paying claims fairly. They make money is by paying out as little as they can get away with. To get the compensation you deserve, you’ll need an experienced attorney like Timothy R. Bussey fighting for you, against the insurance companies.

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Poor Car Care Can Leave You Liable

By Timothy Bussey on March 25, 2019

Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? It makes sense when you think about it, especially in Colorado, where the harsh winters can do a lot of damage to our cars. April is a great time to take your automobile in for a tune-up.

Of course, spring will have its own share of hazards for cars, with slick roads, ice melts, and the potential for rockslides and large potholes. So drive carefully and have your car checked out for any possible wear and tear.

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Street Sweepers Are Immune From Liability in Colorado

By Timothy Bussey on October 18, 2018

It’s a familiar sight in Colorado. Street sweepers, the large machines mounted on truck bodies to vacuum dirt, trash, and debris that has accumulated in streets, can be found in many municipalities. While they provide a valuable service to communities in which they operate, they sometimes prove a nuisance, leaving injuries and property damage in their wake.

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Were You the Victim of a Hit-and-Run in Colorado Springs?

By Timothy Bussey on September 20, 2018

It’s a frightening scenario. Another driver smashes into you from behind, spinning you off the road and into the shoulder, but before your head stops spinning, the driver has fled the scene, leaving you all alone to deal with the aftermath.

If you were severely injured, this could even be a life-threatening situation.

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Summer Road Trip Danger in Colorado

By Timothy Bussey on July 18, 2018

With summer in full swing, the kids are home from school all day and families from around the country are taking time out from their busy schedule for vacations. Colorado is a very popular summer destination for obvious reasons, but our state’s residents will also be hitting the road for travel spots outside of Colorado.

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Slick Road Conditions and Safe Driving in Colorado

By Timothy Bussey on January 23, 2018

Colorado is a state that suffers from extreme weather—it can change from sunny and 65° on Monday to a windy whiteout on Tuesday.

Spring sees the potential for volatile storms which bring lighting and hail. Even tornadoes have been known to occur. Summer brings a high risk of expansive forest fires. And winter, of course, leads to blizzards and ice storms.

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Single-Vehicle Accidents Due to Colorado Road Conditions

By Timothy Bussey on September 1, 2017

Driving- Auto accident- 361089269_62a1dea843_bAccidents happen, but our society likes to lay blame, sometimes, regardless of its accuracy. Drivers who have been involved in a single-car accident probably have firsthand experience with this phenomenon. There is a commonly held belief that if a driver gets into a crash with no other cars involved then it must be that driver’s fault. This, however, is an assumption that overlooks plenty of examples of single-vehicle accidents in Colorado where the driver was not at fault.

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