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Was Your Child Accused of a Sex Crime?

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Learned behavior, or those actions that we are taught are permissible, should never be considered representative of criminal intentions. In Colorado, juvenile sex crimes are a particularly sensitive issue, especially given the fact that these crimes are more or less cries for help, cries that should hardly be considered criminal in nature.

As consequence, a juvenile charged with a sex crime needs help, not punishment. In the state's juvenile justice system, sex crimes need to be given the proper examination they deserve, and the best person to ensure this is an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

Sex Crime Behaviors

Sex crimes involve behaviors that range greatly in terms of severity. For instance, a juvenile may be responsible for making obscene phone calls, an act that in and of itself is certainly wrong, but should be looked at as little more than an unfortunate childhood prank that hardly represents criminal behavior. Some juvenile sex crimes, however, are more serious, and represent behavior that is learned, regardless of whether or not that behavior is correct. That is, if a juvenile chooses to sexually harass another individual, then such action may indicate that the juvenile is experiencing or has experienced similar types of behavior in his or her own life. Therefore, the juvenile may not necessarily think that such behavior is entirely inappropriate, and may have actually been conditioned to believe that the action is acceptable.

Ultimately, if a juvenile is accused of committing a sex crime, it needs to be determined why the act was committed, why the juvenile considered it acceptable (or at least lawful) to commit the crime in the first place, and where such behavior was learned. These are issues that require help, and should not be viewed by the Colorado juvenile court system as severely punishable offenses in the same manner that Colorado's justice system would consider them if committed by an adult.

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If your juvenile has been charged with a sex crime, the most important issue at hand should be why he or she made the decision to commit the act, or which past interactions may have led to the sex crime in the first place. At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., Colorado Springs juvenile criminal defense attorney Timothy Bussey has represented a large number of juveniles who have been arrested for sex crimes, and he understands the way the juvenile justice system works. In order to protect your child's rights, please contact us at (719) 475-2555 for information and a free consultation of your juvenile's case.

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