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School is very important. It not only serves as the foundation in which our children acquire their knowledge and learn to foster healthy relationships with friends, but it is also imperative in helping decide an adolescent's future. That is, if an individual does well in school, that individual may have more opportunities available to him or her later on in life.

If an adolescent does not do well in school, then the number of opportunities tends to decrease. Under the most severe of circumstances, if an individual is suspended or expelled from school altogether, then those opportunities may disappear.

Juveniles & School Expulsion in Colorado Springs

There are a number of infractions committed by juveniles each and every year. Whether or not those infractions should result in expulsion or suspension from school is a matter that is truly debatable, particularly when the juvenile's academic record and behavioral history are taken into consideration. Furthermore, the details of any incident need to be fully taken into account by school administration, particularly since peer pressure and other influential factors may have played more of a role in the incident than did malice or intent to blatantly disregard the rules. In any event, any juvenile expelled or suspended from school should have been given every opportunity to defend him or herself prior to the punishment being put into effect.

Legal Help for Your Child

An experienced Colorado Springs juvenile defense attorney can often mean the difference between expulsion and suspension. One incident should not completely discredit a juvenile, and that incident should not result in such drastic disciplinary actions being taken. Expulsion from school may result in a juvenile losing a scholarship to college, being unable to get accepted into certain colleges, and could even impact their future earning potential if they no longer qualify for certain job opportunities given a lack of education or continuance of higher education.

At The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., Timothy Bussey does not believe in forever altering a juvenile's future over a single incident, and understands that the facts of the matter need to be closely scrutinized in order to give the juvenile as much opportunity as possible to clear his or her name. If your child has been or is facing expulsion or suspension from school, it may be in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced juvenile defense attorney, if only to make certain that your juvenile's rights are not infringed upon by school administrators or other officials.

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