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Defense for Underage Drunk Driving

In the state of Colorado, it is illegal for an individual to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than 0.08. However, when it comes to those individuals who are not yet old enough to consume alcohol, otherwise known as juveniles, a BAC of anything greater than 0.02 will result in serious repercussions in the Colorado court system.

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Consequences of a Juvenile DUI Crime

Obviously, the consequences of driving a vehicle while impaired are steep. While adults are expected to know better than to drink and drive, there is a greater degree of leniency afforded to juveniles. However, while this leniency is available, the court system does not always take a juvenile's future into account. That is, while punishments imposed by the court may help reform a juvenile, court records of juvenile transgressions such as DUI can have lasting and detrimental effects on a juvenile's life for years to come.

Juveniles who are arrested for DUI face license suspension, mandatory alcohol awareness classes, incarceration time, and may never gain back the right to operate a motor vehicle. However, with the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney, accused juveniles may experience lighter sentencing, regain their license and driving privileges quicker than expected.

The state does not turn a blind eye to past improprieties. Being able to operate a motor vehicle and transport oneself from one place to another is not only a privilege, but is becoming more and more of a necessity. Without readily available transportation, an individual may find it difficult to find suitable work, could resort to settling for pay that is less than what their talents are worth, and could ultimately suffer financially in the long run, all as a result of a juvenile DUI conviction that prevented the juvenile from being given a chance prove that the incident was nothing more than a fleeting mistake that will never happen again.

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