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Colorado Springs Program Helps Keep Girls Out Of Gangs

By Timothy Bussey on January 28, 2016

According to recent Colorado Springs police data, about 4 percent of the 700-plus gang members in the area are female. But, there are many more who could be affiliated with gang-related activity. You don’t have to be an official gang member to get caught up in illegal activity and face heavy criminal penalties. There are many young women in and around Colorado Springs putting their future in jeopardy because of who they date or keep as friends.

Second Chance Through Faith is a local program that visits juvenile facilities to help girls and boys recover from past mistakes. Since 2009, about 60 girls have been through the program. According to a recent Denver Post report, Second Chance Through Faith helps girls learn to love themselves, set their standards higher, and focus on school.

It is important for teens who get involved in gangs to receive the support they need to get out of that lifestyle. It’s common for teens and young adults to face serious criminal penalties for assault, menacing, graffiti, and harassment in relation to gang activity.

When someone under the age of 18 is involved in a gang-related crime, a juvenile defense attorney will either fight to have the charges dismissed or reduced to juvenile court. Juvenile court has a stronger focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. But, the consequences for a juvenile crime can still prove life altering when the crime involves gang activity.

If your child is involved in a gang, don’t hesitate to seek help from a group such as Second Chance Through Faith that will help your child get on a better life path. If your child has been arrested on suspicion of a crime, make sure you secure guidance from an experienced Colorado Springs juvenile gang defense attorney who will help protect his or her rights every step of the way.

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