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Gang Activity on Decline In Colorado Springs

By Timothy Bussey on December 4, 2015

GangsAccording to an article in the Gazette last month, local police say gang activity is down by 27 percent from the same time in 2014.

The Colorado Springs Police Department believes some of the drop in gang activity to a special gang unit that was formed last January. Another reason could be local gang prevention and intervention organizations and other community outreach programs, such as Hard Knox and Urban Peak.

While gang activity hasn’t disappeared from the Colorado Springs area, its reduction is good news for potential gang victims and families whose children are at risk of joining gangs.

Adolescence is a time of rebellion where teenagers often make bad choices. As a parent, you try to guide your children down the right path. Unfortunately, you can’t be with them 24 hours a day. If your child has been arrested for gang activity or any other criminal offense, it is important to consult an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

Timothy Bussey is a former prosecutor who thoroughly understands both the prosecutorial and defense sides of Colorado juvenile criminal law. His expert legal team will try to get your child’s sentence reduced, or their charges reduced or dropped all together. It’s not too late to help your child turn their life around. Don’t let one mistake adversely affect their future.

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