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Automobile Accidents

Colorado Laws Regarding “Leaving the Scene of an Accident”

By Timothy Bussey on March 16, 2023

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What Is Required of a Driver After an Accident?

Colorado requires drivers involved in auto collisions to perform certain tasks immediately after an accident. A driver who doesn’t comply with the statutory requirements can get charged with a range of offenses, some of which can be serious.

Should You Hire a Lawyer For a Colorado Speeding Ticket?

By Timothy Bussey on July 29, 2022

Getting a speeding ticket can be scary and frustrating. You might feel like you did not deserve the ticket, or you might be worried about your insurance premiums going up or your license being taken away if you have had other tickets. It can be difficult to handle a speeding ticket, no matter if it is your first or one of many that you have received.

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