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What is a Commercial DUI?

A DUI as a commercial driver in Colorado can have serious consequences and handling these types of cases requires a skilled commercial DUI attorney. All DUIs can result in very stiff and life-altering penalties, but particularly so for those that depend on their driver's license for their livelihood. If you are facing commercial DUI charges, we encourage you to contact a top-rated Colorado Springs DUI attorney as soon as possible. We will stand up for your rights. We will work hard to see that your life and your future are not jeopardized by these charges.

Commercial Driver DUI

As of September 2005, the federal government requires that commercial drivers convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol face stiff minimum penalties. For a full year after a single commercial DUI offence, the individual is disqualified from having a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). If a driver gets a second DUI or DWI offence -- even while driving a non-commercial vehicle, his or her CDL will be revoked for life. Strict new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations present a challenge to drivers who depend on their CDLs to make a living. Frustratingly, if you plea bargain your DUI or DWI case down to minimize your penalties (avoid jail time, harsh fines, and license suspensions, e.g.), by merely accepting the conviction, you may forfeit your ability to practice your career and craft.

Arrested for a Commercial Driver DUI in Colorado?

If you've been charged with a DWAI or DUI, you need to take active steps to protect your Commercial Driver's License. Here are some steps to take:

  • Collect any documents or other pieces of evidence that may help your defense. These might include bar tabs, receipts, records of telephone calls made, and any police paperwork.
  • As soon as possible after your arrest, put the events in writing. This way, you won't forget crucial facts down the road, and you can give your attorney more ammunition. In addition, your police report may exclude some facts about your case that could exonerate you and potentially save your Commercial Driver's License.
  • Review any paperwork and determine if you must request a DMV hearing through the Colorado Department of Revenue.
  • Get in touch with a DUI lawyer who has experience defending commercial drivers.

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